High-class Hime in Paris.

June 8, 2018


Currently residing in Paris, at the heart of everything you would consider good taste, sits this beautiful specimen of a Paris escort – Hime! They say that Japanese girls are the best, and when you look at these pictures, you’re sure to agree that, on first sight, “they” must be right! She is a charming young woman who fits very nicely into our cannon of high class Paris escorts. She has great taste in clothes, food and wine, literature and art. She loves the theatre, should you wish to take her on a date there, and she has a particular passion for travel.



Looking at her physical appearance, and how she looks in that sexy lingerie, you can’t help notice how her panties sit beautifully on her hips right? Her shape is pretty much near perfect everywhere if you ask us! Long legs, high, tight and firm ass, perfectly proportioned, natural boobs; what more could you ask for in physical qualities we ask? Well, we could talk about her face of course. There isn’t much to be said here however, except that it’s truly stunning to look at. Can you imagine for a moment sitting opposite her in a restaurant? Gazing into those eyes whilst she smiles at you? How the hell could anyone concentrate on ordering their food, we ask you? Probably better to skip to dessert!

You can be with she right now if you wish. She’s generally available most days and nights, and she’s remarkably quick at getting herself together. After all, when you look as good as this, there’s very little “touching up” that needs to be done to make you look better is there? Outcalls in Paris, throughout Paris. Hime will treat you to a night you’ll never forget!

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