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June 20, 2018



You will of course realise that we’ve been in the escorting business for a long time now. Many of you have booked with us time and time again, and we’ve seen girls come and go from all over the world. But we have to say to you that we have never seen a young woman with such beautifully long legs as the lovely Japanese Ayumi you see before you here. She really has to take the prize for best legs on a Paris escorts, ever… Period! They don’t even look out of proportion on that near perfect body either do they? She’s tall and slim and has the whole package to fit perfectly with those catwalk model legs of hers.



 Of course she knows how to accentuate her best features. Ayumi wouldn’t be a very good high class companion if she didn’t know how to “work it,” so to speak, would she now? She loves to dress elegantly, with a very distinct hint of sexy! Figure hugging dresses are arguably her favourite. They allow you to see just how long those legs are in a way that’s far subtler than simply wearing tight jeans (although we won’t argue that she looks sensational in these too of course!) However, having said all that, if you’re a man who isn’t that into subtlety, then you’re probably more interested in what she looks like in her underwear (should you be lucky enough to see it!) You’ll be pleased to hear that she loves to go shopping for the latest, designer brands, and she never fails to look a million dollars and more in whatever she buys; personally we think she looks best of all in stockings!


She’s not just a pretty face and a perfect body though. She has a personality to match. We know! You didn’t think it could actually get any better right? She loves to converse on a number of different levels, and she’s a genuinely interesting and entertaining conversationalist. She keeps herself up to date with current affairs, and she has a keen interest in theatre of the other arts too.








Overall, a cultured, beautiful and very affectionate young woman! Book now…

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