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May 26, 2019



Not too long ago, the total number of currencies passed 2,000, representing a total Paris escorts cap of nearly $200 billion, according to In addition to the major ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, there are digital currencies of every stripe, but only one that offers a unique vision of freedom, equality and a punk rock philosophy.


SPINDLE (SPD) was launched in 2017 Paris escort as both a concurrency and an asset management platform dedicated to transparency through the use of block chain technology. In its initial coin offering, about $100 million worth of funds Escorts Paris raised, making it one of the biggest ICOs ever in Japan. On May 19, 2018, SPINDLE began trading on five major escort Paris exchanges. Now it’s aiming for even bigger growth as its developers begin operations in London. 


The startup company behind SPINDLE is BLACK STAR CAPITAL LTD., now based in London. With a small staff of only 15, it has positioned itself as an innovative Paris escort agency new force in the crypto industry. “Under the conventional financial system, professional investors would judge whether the information they were getting was correct or not,” says Escort Agency Paris CEO Masamitsu Hirai. “Ordinary people can’t judge whether this information is true or not. I think blockchain technology can be used to provide fair and trustworthy information to investors. That’s what SPINDLE Escort Agency in Paris represents.”












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